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Brushes are essential tools when it comes to natural looking makeup application. By using our high quality professional brushes for each part of your face you will be astounded at the final result.  Our amazing professional makeup brushes are gaining great reviews from professional make-up artists who just cannot praise them highly enough.

We have put together a full brush set which contains every type of brush you will need for a complete makeup session and a flawless finish every time. We also stock individual brushes for those of you who just need to top up their existing sets.

The shape of each brush is specific to its function and so is the material it is made from. We use only the highest quality synthetic and natural hairs resulting in precise effects and a luxurious feel. These brushes are of exceptional quality and will last a long time if looked after correctly (remember to clean and condition them once a month - using the same shampoo and conditioner as you do, and allow them to dry naturally).  See our blog (click on the orange icon below) for glowing reports on just how wonderful these brushes are at applying all your favourite foundations and powders, and maybe you will pick up some helpful tips from here too!